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Hello, friends!

A couple of weeks ago I cleaned up my email list and was struck by how many people took the time to hit Reply and dash off a little hello and let me know how they were doing. That kind of connection inspires me. Lifts me. Feeds me.

It’s really quite different than the kind of connection I experience on Facebook and LinkedIn – which, to be honest, I have very mixed feelings about. “I know I should, but a part of me just doesn’t want to!” is my inner experience. Who knows? That may change, but for now I feel inspired to “follow the dopamine” and put my energy here – in a weekly newsletter. Like I did… omg, was it already 10 years ago that I was doing The Ruby Books newsletter? Some of you may remember that from my girl empowerment days – helping girls to “find, shape, and share their great girl voices!”

And here I am now using MY great girl voice in what will be called (as you can see from the header) Choose Your Life – Tap Into Your Powers, Meet Your Needs, Live The Life You Choose!

Please consider yourself invited to be part of Choose Your Life.

The format will be one I got from two guys in Italy – Matteo and Andrea @ Sefirot – who create hero’s journey decks, and whose weekly emails delight me. So I will “steal like an artist” from them and every week share a short email that consists of:

  • Achievements
    Do you know, for example, that I have an awesome coaching partner named Natalie Glynn and we’ve been working hard for the last year+ to bring Choose Your Life Coaching to life and it is now filled with life… and love… and ready to launch? 😍

  • Desires
    We’d truly love to create community around the awesome things we know about EFT Tapping, Mind Mapping, NLP, Habit Creation and more – and how they can be used in unison to… well, have more choice in how you live your life. 😎

  • Creative Takeaways
    Here we share some lessons we learned during the week. Right now the big lesson being learned is how much longer things take than you think they will, and, therefore, best to keep launch dates to yourself… until you know for sure that you’ve got all of (or enough of) your t’s crossed and i’s dotted to go LIVE for real. 😅

So… are you in? I would love that.

With ❤️,


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