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Hello, friends!

Newsletter #2 – I’m on a roll 🙂

Who’s heard the term “ship it”? Those two words hit our vernacular when Seth Godin wrote The Practice back in 2010 – a book that inspires people to stretch themselves and commit to putting their best work out into the world 🎁🌍

That’s what I’m doing now. Oddly though, it doesn’t feel like it’s requiring as much of a stretch as – historically – putting my stuff out there has felt. Which, at times, has felt along the lines of terrifying😨

What a fantastic relief! To NOT have to contend with the burden of resistance I used to feel as normal. Could it be one of the great benefits of growing older?… Or maybe it’s that what I am putting out there now feels so aligned with what I’m here to do?

Not sure exactly, but whatever the reason, it makes me wish I’d been able to feel this absence of resistance to putting my stuff out there long ago – Good Lord, the things I might have accomplished! 

But no, that’s not the place to go with this experience of growth. Backward-facing regret spoils the win. Instead, I choose to dance around the living room singing, “Shipping! Shipping! Shipping! I am… Shipping! Shipping! Shipping!” and enjoy the ‘just ship it’ way of seeing things 🎁🎁🎁…
“When you choose to produce creative work, you’re solving a problem. Not just for you, but for those who will encounter what you’ve made.”  ~ Seth Godin

YES, that’s the spirit!

So let’s get to the AchievementsDesires and Takeaways experienced in the past week… as they revolve around shipping.

  • 🏆 Achievements:
    • #1  Well, it’s official… we have something to ship. My colleague Natalie Glynn and I have succeeded in creating a new program 🎉🎉🎉! One where we personally help people who feel that there are blocks to the progress they’re trying to make in different areas of their life.What we’ve created helps a person to get to where they want to be by…
      • Turning their good intentions into actual change in their lives
      • Choosing themselves and no longer putting everybody’s needs ahead of their own
      • Finally realizing their potential, taking control, and living up to what they’re capable of
    • #2  With this clarity, I put together and gave a presentation to my BNI group (Business Network International) this past Tuesday letting them know about my new way of offering my coaching…
    • #3  I’m sharing my BNI presentation with you here because 1) it gets across a fair amount about the program, and 2) it’s a lot of damn work to create a 5 minute presentation and repurposing content is smart 🤓
  • 🙏 Desires:
    • #1 I would love it if my 5 minute BNI presentation got even more eyeballs on it. That would feel like an extra win. Would you take 5 minutes to check it out? 👀
    • #2 Since Natalie and I are launching next week, there will be two weeks of creating awareness about Choose Your Life on social media: March 26 – April 11 to be exact. We would love it if you would chime in and give our posts some love. To that end…

Here is the link to my Facebook page in case we are not already friends there:

And to my LinkedIn in case we are not connected there:

  • 🌈 Takeaways: Lots of great takeaways this week, but let’s stick with how I now feel about SHIPPING – launching – engaging with those we serve. This sentiment is my main Takeaway and maybe it will inspire you too…

“Selling is simply a dance with possibility and empathy. It requires you to see the audience you’ve chosen to serve, then to bring them what they need. They might not realize it yet, but once you engage with them, either you’ll learn what’s not working in your craft or they’ll learn that you’ve created something that they’ve been waiting for, something that is filled with magic.” ~ Seth Godin

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P.S. Would YOU like help in the area that Choose Your Life addresses? Let me know by replying to this email… I would, of course, love that.

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