What Happens When You Choose Your Life

Hello, friends!

Have you ever grappled with a creative idea and tried to find the way to make the idea work… because you know what you’re after is possible… but it feels miles away from where you are presently… and the more effort you exert the more “that’s not right”s you come up with?

And it puts you in a bad mood because it’s something you really care about?

And maybe the desire to solve what feels unsolvable lands you in a funk for a whole day and you go to bed feeling out of sorts… still wondering what the answer that eludes you could possibly be?

And then…

You wake up – maybe in the wee hours – with a new perspective that fills you with a mysterious sense of wellbeing because a beautiful and unexpected solution is now alive in you!

Ever had that?

Yeah. Me too (around this newsletter, in fact).

What happened was while your conscious mind was at rest, your unconscious mind (also called the subconscious, but there is nothing ‘sub’ about it) has supplied the missing piece of the jigsaw and reconciled the irreconcilable for you.

That this can happen is – in and of itself – reason to rejoice. But even better than that is there are ways to actively bring this about.

Try doing this:

  1. Intentionally give your unconscious mind a problem to solve. Something you care about and that maybe feels a little hard.

  2. As soon as your unconscious mind solves it – and it will – send it another challenge – another complex problem you would love to have solved.

This will create in you a cycle that looks like this…

1. You grant yourself permission to care deeply about something you want in life 👍

2. Your unconscious mind (without any effort whatsoever) goes into action around it 💪

3. You begin to experience greater confidence around what you care about enough to choose in your life 😃

And around it goes ♻… creating proof that this is the way it goes!

🎉 🎉 🎉

If you want tools that are great for assisting your unconscious mind in going into action around what you want, Choose Your Life Coaching has lots of them. This is exactly what happens in the step called Create Your New Possibilities.

Check out the ebook we created that tells you about the assumptions Choose Your Life is based upon.

Choose Your Life Coaching

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