You’re READY to unleash your true potential and…

LIVE Unapologeticall
even if it CHALLENGES you
even if it SURPRISES you
even if it STRETCHES you
even if it SCARES you

But ready as you are to be, do, feel, and have your next level life… something prevents it from really happening.

“Many people are super clear on what they want, but they're not super clear on what's keeping them from having it.”

What’s keeping YOU from having what you really want?

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Maybe it comes in the form of…
feelings of overwhelm or stress or confusion about how or where to start
self-talk that undermines and saps your energy
memories that act as evidence that what you want is not possible
behaviors that repeatedly sabotage your progress

Maybe you’re self-aware enough to know which of these are your “go-to” barriers – the ones that repeatedly stop you from really moving in the direction you long to go.

What you DON’T know is how to get the upper hand on collapsing those barriers.

IF ONLY you could giggle in the face of your negative self-talk, feel less identified with the memories that tell the story of “not enough”, be less caught up by self-sabotaging behavior,  be more able to catch and release those go-to reactive and routine emotions sooner rather than later.

If you could do that THEN your transition into what’s next would be able to feel… well, fun. Like the daring adventure it’s meant to be.

We know the pain of this SO WELL!

We, too, have felt held back by our most challenging emotions, unconscious beliefs, negative thought patterns, and their resulting behaviors… over and over again.

It’s why we developed the Tapping Into Your Next Level Self system.

The Tapping Into Your Next Level Self system is designed specifically for getting to the source of the “problem” and then eliminating the specifics of what was holding us back.

We now use the Tapping Into Your Next Level Self system to help people just like you to . . .

LIVE Unapologeticall
Let go of whatever is in the way of you being YOU 100%
You know a LOT. It’s time to own your expertise.
Because you CAN go to the next level… and the next level… and the next level!
By saying YES to your desires and with the Tapping Into Your Next Level Self program support, in as little as six weeks, you can find yourself saying things like…

Are you feeling READY to let go of the battle, release subconscious blocks, and start living, leveraging, and loving with abandon?

Hooray! We have witnessed many women (or clients) create this breakthrough and we are right here to help you too!

We are ready to help you to dare to…

Tune into what your heart is saying

Tap into your truest self

Lean into your most daring dreams

Step into a joy-filled life

Live into the success you deserve

Your Next Level Self is waiting!
To help you to move in the direction of what’s calling you, we utilize a 5 step system that is elegant in its simplicity, straightforward in its presentation, and even fun in its application.
Our 5 step system that supports you in choosing YOUR life is
Tapping Into Your Next Level Self.
It’s a step-by-step process that invites you to…
Transform Your Subconscious Beliefs and Soar to New Heights!
You are only six short weeks away from accessing your next level self!

Each stage of the program is designed to utilize your nervous system’s ability to change itself and to tap into the next version of who you are here to be…



First we create the foundation for your journey. To do that, we… get clear about what you want NOW… as well as what is in the way…. The more clarity you have about what you want to do, be, feel, and have as well as any obstacles in your way, the more you set the stage for a successful “leveling up” journey….


Limiting belief typically originate from past experiences, upbringing, societal norms, and cultural influences. In order to go forward we begin by going backward… in time. We explore the memories that have crystallized into beliefs and behaviors that are limiting you. We look very specifically for memories that support what is in the way of what you want now. Once these memories are identified, we are able to begin creating new possibilities.



Next, we tap into a whole new world of “perfect for you” ideas, possibilities, and opportunities. By utilizing tools like Mindfulness-Centered EFT Tapping we can rewire the nervous system toward the lasting transformation we desire. We’ll cultivate new patterns for sustainable change. This happens as old beliefs and behaviors fall away which makes room for new patterns. These new patterns you are actively creating will support your growth and provide enduring results.

By the end of your six week Tapping Into Your Next Level Self program you will find yourself easily able to:


You will be fully equipped to embody the new you and navigate your new possibilities!
You will notice powerful shifts in your thoughts, behaviors, and quality of life. You will know how to support and celebrate your transformation, making it possible for you to keep soaring with ever-growing confidence in your ability to be, do, feel, and have the life you choose!

But it’s not just about having the right pathway forward, it's also about having the right people in your corner. The right support. People who know what you’re dealing with because they’ve been through a version of it themselves and did what it took to get to the other side of it. That's us, Jeanne and Natalie.

Meet Jeanne

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“Impetuous? Irresponsible? Convoluted thinking? Oh, yeah. That was how I operated with money.”

My story begins in Maine.

Before I moved to New York City to become a stage actress, writer, cartoonist, arts educator, not-for-profit founder, reflexologist, writing mentor to girls, published author and illustrator…

Before all of that, I grew up in rural Maine. I was born second eldest of ten children. Ten. There were ten of us.

In my mind’s eye I have an image of my mother when I am a girl of 9 or 10. She is standing at the kitchen sink washing dishes. There is something radiating from her.

“There’s not enough!”

It’s neon sign strong and it gets inside of me. That is how – before I even know what a ‘worldview’ is – I begin seeing through the lens of scarcity.

I was a girl with scarcity consciousness who dreamed of being a great somebody someday. As great as the great French stage actress, Sarah Bernhardt.

More About Jeanne

Meet Natalie

``I surrendered so much of myself, I didn't know where to begin.``

I grew up. . .

. . . a Gen X latch-key kid and the first born daughter of immigrants. Both of those roles came with challenging experiences and a chaos I was not equipped to manage as a child.

As a result, I grew up anxious, isolated,  and overweight. By the time I turned 12, I was taller than the adults in my life reaching over six feet tall. And by the time I was 15, I weighed 100 lbs. more than was healthy for my height.

I was so far away from where I wanted to be. I felt lost.

To add to the confusion around my body and weight, I was raised in two competing cultures. My stoic Eastern European household valued women for their service, strength, strategy, and resilience. Beyond that household was the American society that prized women for their petiteness, fragile femininity, submissiveness, and as sexual objects.

What I didn’t understand then was that the weight was a symptom that became a problem of its own.

More About Natalie
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We are passionate about helping people break through the mental, physical, and emotional patterns they have in place that are holding them back (however they show up).
Chronic Pain & Fatigue
Childhood Neglect
Goal Inconsistency
Negative Self-Image
Toxic Relationships
Trauma (P-TSD, C-PTSD)
Weight Loss
because every choice you make makes you
because you matter as much as the next guy
because you're alive, dammit!