So you hit midlife. Now it’s time to…

Reimagine what’s possible
Choose YOU
Exude confidence
Leverage your wisdom
Live unapologetically
Rekindle your passions

Midlife should feel like nothing short of an energizing new time of life where you can be, do, and have what you most want.
Do your struggle around…

Do your struggle around…

  • Finding peace in your body
  • Reconciling things from your past
  • Feeling confident & beautiful
  • Knowing you are deserving of your heart’s desire

Are you ready to...

  • Be done with struggling
  • Forgive yourself and others
  • Release subconscious blocks
  • Show up for yourself

Are you ready to...
What if you had the ability to…

What if you had the ability to…

  • Tap into your truest self and deepest dreams
  • Create the meaning you crave
  • Enjoy the success you deserve
  • Step into an open, authentic, joy-filled life

If this seems impossible, we're here to say,

“We get it!”

We've been there ourselves and have helped other women who felt that way, too.

In fact, this is exactly where some of our clients started.

BUT, they didn’t stay there. They made the courageous choice to tune into their inner voice, and create the very kind of life they dreamed of living.

All it took was the right support! The SAME support that is available to you.

If you are ready to attract WHAT you want by being WHO you want, we can help you.

The process is simple.

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We start by reducing the obstacles that have kept you from placing YOURSELF first.

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Next, we rethink and re-establish YOUR priorities rather than the priorities life imposed on you.

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Finally, we revise the narrative and create a life you are EXCITED to live.

Let's add some zest to this journey!

It's all about having the right coaching.

As humans, we naturally tend to be more right-brained or left-brained.

Meaning that one side of our brain is more naturally dominant.

If you are more creative or artistic, you are likely more “right-brained”.

If you are more analytical, methodical, systems-based, you are likely more “left-brained”.

We are typically drawn to coaches who think like we do. It is common to resist an unfamiliar perspective or way of thinking.

Life requires balance.
Balance requires more than one perspective.

This is why many coaching programs can take years to achieve the desired outcomes… or they fail to produce results at all.

Traditional coaching programs:

Are limited – offering one coach with one perspective.


Fail to integrate strategies that tap into BOTH your left and right-brained thoughts and talents.
Focus on healing your past rather than creating your future (or vice versa).


Do not offer the means to transform your dreams into small, action-specific, achievable steps.

So you waste valuable time, money… and LIFE!

What we offer is different.

It is unique.

It is fast, action-oriented, and actually fun.

AND… you get TWO COACHES for the same cost as one.

One coach for each side of your brain!

Our unique Brain-Based Coaching focuses on leveraging your strengths… while lovingly supporting your “not-so-strengths.”

Brain-Based Coaching Allows You To Support and Leverage Your…

Left Brain Strengths:

Fact Focused
Detail Oriented
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Right Brain Strengths:

Big Picture Focused

With Brain-Based Coaching, you are able to tap into the blocks that are tucked away in your subconscious mind. Addressing the blocks that stop you from letting go of what no longer serves you frees you to Choose a Life You Love!

Meet Jeanne Demers

“Impetuous? Irresponsible? Convoluted thinking?

Oh, yeah. That was how I operated with money.”

My story begins in Maine.

Before I moved to New York City to become a stage actress, writer, cartoonist, arts educator, not-for-profit founder, reflexologist, writing mentor to girls, published author and illustrator…

Before all of that, I grew up in rural Maine. I was born second eldest of ten children. Ten. There were ten of us.

In my mind’s eye I have an image of my mother when I am a girl of 9 or 10. She is standing at the kitchen sink washing dishes. There is something radiating from her.

“There’s not enough!!!”

It’s neon sign strong and it gets inside of me. That is how – before I even know what a ‘worldview’ is – I begin seeing through the lens of scarcity.

I was a girl with scarcity consciousness who dreamed of being a great somebody someday. As great as the great French stage actress, Sarah Bernhardt.

Meet Natalie

I was young and learned “I am fat.”

It seemed like there was a line of people waiting to remind me…

… at home, church, school, camp, and out in public.

I attended school for years, overweight, unhappy, and settled into “I’m fat.” One day I came home crying, and my mother decided to send me to a Weight Watchers summer camp. I was about 10 at the time.

I went from unrestricted food access and inactivity at home to 24/7 homesickness, food restriction, and a deep, deep hatred of activity. When I got back my 10-year-old self went back to the same habits. It’s no surprise that what I lost I regained, plus more.

At the heaviest point during my childhood, I weighed 100 lbs. over the recommended weight for my height. I went back to that first camp again for another summer going into my sophomore year. I hovered around that weight until something happened the following summer.

I lost over 80 lbs. in 2.5 months, another 20 over the course of that year.

I kept the weight off, until I had my daughter. During my pregnancy I gained 75 lbs., and later lost 103 in total.

What I learned…

I suffered through a traumatic experience around age five or six that altered the course of my life. I certainly didn’t recognize it as trauma.

Happy Clients

When I began working with Jeanne I was in the throws of a deeply concerted effort to up-level my career as a filmmaker — to go from a struggling artist, to a wildly successful artist. Jeanne is a fucking genius. The work she does is so personalized and generous. So simple and so profound. She listens deeply and crafts the perfect script. She has a deep and intuitive understanding of the exact language needed in each session to tap through to breakthrough. In a very short period of time I went from being overdrawn in my bank account to easily receiving $60,000 development funds for my next feature film, as well as being hired to direct my first episode of television. I am forever grateful to Jeanne for the work she does.

Independent Filmmaker/writer/director

Before I started working with Jeanne, my wife was angry with me for not being better at earning. I felt forgotten by the art world, and I had a real sense of despair about money. As a result of working with Jeanne – which has been a wild ride – I again feel that I know how to earn money! I’ve a renewed sense of confidence. Jeanne helps me to both see and acknowledge the valuable ways l can and do engage the art world. And because of a lifetime of dedication, how much I have to offer. There’s such value in being regularly accountable with Jeanne. And when things don’t work out, she helps unpack the event, so important learning can take place. As a coach, she offers wise encouragement and compassion, I couldn’t help but love working with her.

Sydney Cash

For the last 20 years, I have been a founder of a creative agency in a very competitive market. As expected, after doing the same tricks over the years, I suffered from creative boredom, exhaustion and loss of focus. At 40, I find that it's less about work and more about the mental game and keeping sharp. Jeanne to the rescue! I was lucky enough to work with Jeanne and discovered the benefits of Tapping. Tapping works because it allows me to hold space for myself to reset. In a short time, I could see that tapping, breathing, and mantras relaxed me and sharpened me for more of life's challenges. World-class athletes, overachievers and professionals all have something in common — we're all trying to manage stress and seek the competitive edge. Jeanne Demers and her Realize What Matters program puts you in the position for success, however you define it. Highly recommend it! Jeanne is Joy!

Rahul Siddharth
Managing and Creative Director, SCG Siddharth Creative Group

As an artist, juggling your finances comes with the territory. I consistently struggled with my budget and I felt like I couldn’t possibly strengthen my ground financially just by tapping my body. I was very pessimistic and Jeanne was very patient with me. We worked very hard together. She helped me highlight and change my bad habits and for that am forever thankful. Although the goal was financial, it benefited all areas of my life. Whatever your financial goals are I highly recommend trying her techniques 100%.

Rich Vallejos

I came to Jeanne at a point when I was feeling frustrated, anxious, and hopeless about my financial situation and lack of earning power. Jeanne guided me through visualizations and conversations that allowed me to go deep within to uncover ideas about myself and my relationship to money that I didn’t know existed, and then turned my own words into powerful tapping scripts. I have gone from a place of complete instability, and of having tremendous fear around being able to support myself and my children, to having a position where I am appreciated and well-compensated -- and I am actually looking to buy a home. Tapping is a powerful modality, and Jeanne is a skillful, generous, and engaged guide. I feel so lucky to have found her!

Deborah Donenfeld
Children and Portrait Photographer

I needed help so I could stop repeating the patterns of behavior that had me feeling so sad and stuck in my life: Holding onto the past, people pleasing, constantly second guessing myself. Jeanne was able to guide me - through her very intentional questions - to where I needed to go. She then knew exactly how to take the random thoughts and turn them into the perfect Tapping scripts. The lasting change in my life is knowing that I am smart and capable of accomplishing anything. The stress of feeling stuck has been decreased by 99.9%.

Cynthia Hawkins
Koopman Lumber