Ready to focus on YOU for a change? Let’s clear your mind and reset your vision to allow emotional well-being, quality of life, and enjoyment of your relationships.

If you are feeling like you…

  • Are generally “not happy” anymore
  • Dread waking up some days
  • Punish yourself with self-loathing over past mistakes and a lack of results
  • Struggle with narcissistic “support” systems
  • Sacrifice who you really are, only to feel tolerated by family and friends
  • Lack healthy role models and deep relationships
  • Have relationships that feel out of control rather than connected

…YOU ARE CERTAINLY NOT ALONE.  One in six women report feeling this way during their life.  And that is just the number who “report” feeling this way.

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What if we told you that it can actually be exciting to learn how to…

  • Acknowledge and feel whatever you’re feeling, and know what to do with them
  • Choose how you want to feel instead of letting your feelings choose how you “are”
  • Shift from reactivity to reflection about your emotions
  • Understand what’s actually going on when you feel overwhelmed
  • Learn to work through worry, anxiety and panic attacks
  • Comfort by self-soothing, rather than using food, people, shopping, wine, etc.
  • Mature your perspective around past events
  • Reconcile loss and resolve long term patterns
  • Reframe your story around STUCK, OVERWHELM…
  • Trust yourself to navigate different roles and relationships

Well, it’s true. It can actually be exciting to learn new skills and up your EQ! And once you resolve these patterns, you are free to choose a life you love.

Most of your conscious choices were determined by prior experiences.  Experiences that were outside of your control.  Let us help you untuck that old thinking from your subconscious mind and replace it with new thoughts that actually serve your current beliefs and desires.

Julie* chose to listen to her soul, and here's what happened.

When I was in a relationship, little by little I would morph into who I thought the person wanted me to be. I would do whatever I could to make sure they were happy with me. If they were unhappy, I was convinced it was my fault and would spin my wheels trying to figure out what I did to cause it. I was exhausting myself, but I thought I was being a “good person”. The coaching sessions helped me realize what I want and what I need matters just as much as what others want and need! I learned how unhealthy my relationship with my parents was. That connection was like a lightbulb going off in my head. I saw needing to please my parents to gain their love and attention gave me unhealthy boundaries. I overcame the belief that bad attention is better than no attention at all. I AM ENOUGH.