Eureka! Around Who We Serve💡

Hello, friends!

🏆 Achievements of the week

Thinking in terms of ‘achievements’ is an interesting challenge. What’s enough to be considered an actual achievement?

And then I remember that the launch of Choose Your Life’s year-long coaching program has come to a close and – having done everything that it took to put it out into the world… with consistency? That is a super huge achievement.

Back patting and throwing arms up into the V-for-Victory!!

🤸‍♀️       🤸‍♀️      🤸‍♀️

🙏 Desires of the week

I desire to tell it like it is. The truth. The undressed-up truth.

One truth is I am (as some of you who know me and my work over the years recognize about me) a procrastinator by perfectionism. Getting something out the door – shipped – is utterly monumental in my world. Doing so feels like certain death  ☠

But when putting something out into the world, you don’t lead with that truth. God, no. You are compelled to make the whole process look marvelous. When in reality it’s just about as marvelous as pushing a baby out of your vagina. Marvelous in theory, excruciating in actuality.

That’s the truth. And it feels so great to say it… here is another truth:

When Natalie and I cheer each other over Zoom about what a huge success this launch has been, it is not because we filled it up. Going into it that was our metric for success, but coming out the other end of it we see that what really made it a huge success are a whole host of intangibles.  💭   💭   💭

Which brings us to this week’s Takeaways.

🌈 Takeaways of the week

The intangibles we wouldn’t be experiencing were we still trying to make our offering “better”…

Eureka! around who we serve💡

Based on the many discovery calls we conducted and the people who signed up for the program, we now know who it is we most want to serve.

And that is WOMEN AGE 40+ who want to get unstuck in whichever area of their lives they find themselves hitting a plateau, a glass ceiling, an old pattern that stops them time and time again. And are unsure about WHY it’s so challenging to create the movement they’re longing for.

It’s women who are age 40+ that we really resonate with and that feels so energizing.

We’re still standing! 👯‍♀️

OMG, we’re not dead! Now we have PROOF that putting ourselves out there – no matter how extremely uncomfortable and profoundly dangerous it feels – does not result in being eaten by saber tooth tigers 🐅 Amazing.

Confirmation 👍

In response to this newsletter I get lots of little notes from people offering words of encouragement or thanks or ‘this is what’s up for me right now.’ And that tells me what we are offering is quite valuable.

(Please, by the way, feel free to jot a little note in response to what you read – notes send me into the stratosphere 💫💫💫)

And, finally, Natalie writes…

Growth 🌿

I viewed the launch as an exercise in managing discomfort. Discomfort around being seen. By working through the discomfort and going on record to state that I lost 100 lbs. by tapping on different points on my body, changing my self-talk, and Keto – when I really wanted to hide – I lived my practice. So the takeaway for me is the awareness of growth – and what that’s meant to my family, friends, and clients.

Thank you all for being a part of the process!!

With ❤️,

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