Case Study Illustrating What CYL Work Entails

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Jumping right in with this week’s Achievements, Desires and Takeaways…

🏆 Achievements:
The launch of our Choose Your Life coaching program is winding down and Natalie and I are feeling… stretched by it. In a good way. And also in a tired way.

It was a lot of (or a lot more than our usual) social media posting… which led to a fair number of discovery calls… which led to people signing up… which was the whole point — making it worth the herculean effort a launch requires.

Hooray! 🎉🎉🎉

🙏 Desires:
What we’d like now is to keep the Choose Your Life energy alive so that more people can either become aware of it or be reminded of it when the time is right for them to consider doing this particular kind of work.

It’s also my desire that the process of doing that feels fun. Because that’s the energy people respond best to.

🌈 Takeaways:
I’m getting it that long-form posts are my thing. I’m a writer after all. So it’s fun for me to ‘go into it’. I’m not going to fight that inclination. If people want to read, they will. If they don’t, they’ll click away or keep scrolling. I have no control over that. The best I can do is… write short paragraphs 😄

With that in mind, something Natalie and I wrote up is a case study story that illustrates what Choose Your Life work entails for those of you who have been asking for a better understanding of it.


Lucy is a writer. Lucy created a successful digital business that supports other online businesses. The problem with what Lucy created was:

“It feels like I built a trap. This structure goes against my personality.”

As an entrepreneur and a mom with two young kids, Lucy explained:

“It just feels like hustle all the time.” 

She sought us out because she was pretty sure that what was behind what didn’t feel good was “lack mentality around worthiness” and “also my relationship with money.”

When we asked Lucy what she hoped to gain from our time together she was super clear:

 “I want to be brave enough to make value-based choices about how I spend my time, and then make my life align with those choices.”

In the time Natalie and I co-coached Lucy, we took her through the five stages of The Choose Your Life Method and this is what happened…

We asked Lucy to define what she wants now — and what is typically in the way of that.

She was really clear that she wanted to experience more joy and creativity in her business and in her life.

And she didn’t want to always be apologizing for not having enough time to meet everyone’s needs.

With this clarity we could…

…find the specifics of what was blocking her from having what she wanted now.

Those specifics were found in her memories.

Lucy found very clear memories from childhood that were telling her she needed to make — and was capable of making — her life absolutely perfect.

She also found memories from her college and early career years that were telling her she needed to be completely selfless.

She also found more recent memories that told her that pushing forward was the only way out of overwhelm, and that her anxiety was her superpower.

“Using anxiety as fuel enables me to make impossible things happen.”

Once we had gathered up memories from every era of her life that were supporting her feeling of “forever owing somebody my time” we had what we needed to begin…

…transforming her storytelling.

This involved organizing the memories chronologically so she could see where the problematic beliefs and behaviors first occurred.

What she was also able to suddenly see were the glaring mismatches between what she was holding in her subconscious mind as a result of ‘back then’ and who she was NOW – the one with all the skills and resources and hard-won wisdom that she didn’t have back then.

This kind of clarity is what made it possible to align (adjust) what happened “back there and then” — and all the meaning she’d given it — with what she wanted her “here and now” to look, feel, and sound like.

Natalie and I taught Lucy the skills and techniques that would allow her to go in there — into her subconscious — and tinker with what she found.

Tinker in such a way that every version of herself would be brought up to speed. So that ‘all of her’ was aligned with the skills and resources she actually has now.

Using our Choose Your Life Method Lucy aligned her past, present, and future. In other words, she evolved her perception of ‘all of herself’ in a way that helped her.

Having made these kinds of changes was great – super great! – but it wasn’t the endgame.

The endgame was making those changes so much a part of her that the new-and-improved way of thinking and feeling would be able to happen all on its own.

And the secret to creating lasting change is… repetition.

Anchoring the changes.

Laying down new tracks in the brain.

Creating new grooves.

Creating new habits.

Along the way of our work together, here are some things Lucy reported about how it was going for her:

  • Less anxiety around deadlines
  • Less freaking out from a business standpoint
  • My work is better, of higher quality, and my habit of push-push-push has petered out
  • It feels good… but it’s also challenging to just sit
  • The overwhelm is getting a lot better, and I’m not calling in so much frenetic energy
  • I’m working with the anxiety script. I feel so creative — the time of rest and recovery has brought my creativity back
  • It’s freeing!
  • I have been going to my scripts to tap often. And I’ve been using the binaural beats pretty much daily. I love them and I do feel them making a big difference 🎉🎉🎉

And the positive changes keep coming for Lucy as the new way of operating gets stronger and stronger! 💪💪

So there it is. An illustration of what Choose Your Life work entails. I hope that was as fun a read for you as it was for me to write!

And if you feel like you want to learn even more, just hit Reply and we can make a time to chat.

With ❤️,

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