Actively Overcoming Overcomplicating

Hello, friends!

This is the sixth of what has been a weekly Choose Your Life newsletter. I was going to skip this week because I’ve got so many open loops, the last thing I wanted to do was open up another one 🥵

But then I thought, “Maybe I’m putting too much pressure on myself to make each and every newsletter utterly fabulous. And maybe that’s not the spirit with which I want to put myself out there.”

In fact, the reason I chose the Achievements, Desires and Takeaways format is because it’s super easy to fill in. IF I don’t overcomplicate it – as my nemesis Perfectionism would have me do.

🏆 Achievements

So, one achievement of the week – as evidenced by what you are reading right now – is actively overcoming the inclination to overcomplicate something very straightforward and lovely in its simplicity. AND to actively trust that it’s possible to offer something that has relevance in other people’s lives even as I keep it simple.

🙏 Desires

I had this idea and it tickled me, so I’ll share it here. Via TikTok of all places I have been learning a lot about ADHD. Now that I’m self-diagnosed with it, I would love to travel across time and say to everyone I’ve ever known, “You do know, I have ADHD, don’t you?” And saying that would allow them to see with fresh eyes all of our interactions and exchanges and go, “Well, that explains everything.”

🌈 Takeaways

I’ll take this away from the week: Operating and communicating in a “less” kind of way is a good challenge to give myself. In fact, in 2023 Less is More in many instances. Because in 2023 ours is – as Seth Godin says – an ‘attention economy.’ People only have so much of it. Don’t squander it.

I thank you for the kind attention you give the Choose Your Life newsletter. I respect and value it highly!

With ❤️,

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